Trinity Chemical Industries (TCIX Rail) was founded in 1985 with the purpose of identifying and meeting the needs of various bulk liquid shippers utilizing rail equipment. The railroads were in the early stages of deregulation and were fighting to keep their market share of transported chemicals. Simultaneously, aggressive cost cutting measures were being implemented and shippers were caught in the middle of the battleground. Highway transporters were delivering a higher level of customer oriented service and chemical producers were listening with an attentive ear.Learn more about TCIX Rail

Desiring to achieve economic savings along with a higher level of service, producers began to utilize third party logistics services companies. In order to bring added value to the supply chain, third party rail equipment management services and logistics providers had to implement innovative cost efficient procedures that complement the efforts of producers as well as raise the standard of reliable customer service. That is exactly what Trinity Chemical Industries has proven it can accomplish.

Initially, all energies were focused on providing the right rail transportation equipment at the right time to chemical producers; and being a customer service intermediary. As relationships and partnership alliances grew, producers began to ask for help managing other aspects of their shipping, such as highway transportation, ISO container movements, barge projects, international ocean vessel shipping and leasing of terminal storage space. Soon, it was evident that Trinity Chemical was delivering a valuable service to the chemical industry and transportation industries. Delivering fully integrated transportation solutions along with cost effective customer service became our standard operating procedure.

Today the mantra at Trinity Chemical is, "if it's dry goods or liquid... and it moves... it's our business!"